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Franchise Equipment

CRC Concrete Raising of America, Inc. offers proprietary equipment, modified to ensure operational efficiencies for CRC franchise locations. These modifications allow CRC locations to do more work with less manpower than the competition, while promoting consistent, calibrated material delivery on-location.

Concrete Raising of America, Inc. incorporates proprietary improvements to volumetric mobile mixers (the latest, state-of-the-art technology available). These engineered improvements allow the mixers to be multi-purpose, that is: they are capable of producing on-site concrete delivery in accordance with ASTM standards, as well as producing a calibrated cement grout, which allows CRC locations the opportunity to guarantee a homogenous material (this relates directly to CRC’s ability to provide warranties our competition cannot – due to the fact that we know what we are pumping).

Concrete Raising of America, Inc. also modifies pumping equipment for the purposes of safety and on-the-job efficiency.