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Void Filling

CRC Concrete Raising Corporation uses a calibrated cementitious grout (or slurry) to fill voids through injection ports (generally less than two-inches in diameter) drilled through concrete slabs. The grout displaces air pockets, water, and water-saturated materials, effectively stabilizing the sub-base or subgrade to provide uniform support. The CRC method fills the voids beneath the concrete, providing for a firm, more-permanent subgrade.

The service of void filling and/or soil stabilization is often viewed as a preventive treatment. Concrete areas that feel/sound “hollow”, abandoned sewer and/or water lines, utility trenches, flood plain areas subject to erosion, and poorly-compacted soils around foundations, abutments, and retaining walls are just some of the common areas in need of void filling by way of a calibrated cement grout.