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Month: June 2022

Job Insight

Here is an example of pumping the concrete slurry into the core holes to raise the concrete.

Job Insight

Here is an example of drilling the core holes to pump the concrete slurry into to raise concrete.

Space Needle

Home to the world’s largest continuous concrete pour is the Space Needle. It was designed for the 1962 World’s Fair in Seattle. This colossal structure is as remarkable as it is iconic. It was built to withstand earthquakes and is still in operation today.

Harvard Stadium

The nation’s oldest permanent concrete structure for college sports is Harvard Stadium. Built in 1903 this horseshoe shaped stadium could seat 57,166 people. It is historically significant that this stadium represents the first vertical concrete structure to employ reinforced structural concrete.

Hoover Dam

Fun Fact: The Hoover Dam is made up of 3.25 million cubic yards of concrete, with another 1.11 million used for the power plant and other structures.  Enough concrete to build a 3,000 mile road across the U.S.  The dam required almost 5 million barrels of cement.

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Fun Fact: Burj Khalifa, Dubai Made principally from reinforced concrete, this building is not only the world’s tallest concrete building but also the highest man-made structure. It stands 828 meters high with 163 floors.  Has the highest observation deck, swimming pool, restaurant, and fountain.