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Sidewalk Before & After

Avoid Trip Hazards

Porch – Before & After

WOW ! What a difference.

Ancient Concrete

Friday Fun Fact: Concrete was used as a building material in ancient Rome. They mixed lime, water and a volcanic ash from Mount Vesuvius, mixed in fragments of volcanic rock and called it “Pozzolana”.  The Roman civil engineer Vitruvius wrote of 4 types of pozzolana – Black, Grey, Red and White.  Roman concrete was forgotten…
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Concrete Strength

Friday Fun Fact: Concrete has hit approximately 90% of its final strength after four weeks. However, due to the conversion of calcium hydroxide into calcium carbonate and the absorption of carbon dioxide over time, it continues to strengthen for decades. Some bacteria also help in the strengthening of concrete!  HAPPY EASTER

Thomas Edison

Friday Fun Fact: Thomas Edison has over 49 patents that use concrete.  Edison was the first to contract and live in a precast concrete home.  In 1922 Yankee Stadium “the house that Ruth built” was actually built by Edison. Built in the Bronx took just 284 days from start to finish, using: 45,000 barrels of…
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Industrial – Before & After

Entrance to industrial building